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College Bound Babies  Pre-School


College Bound Babies Pre-School

Address: 510 Louise St. Sacramento, CA, 95811

Phone(916) 646-6631

HoursMonday - Friday 9AM–12:30PM

College Bound Babies (CBB) began as a pilot program in 2012.  It has since become a licensed Preschool providing 5-days weekly classes that combine school readiness, parent education, and community engagement. The program serves 24 children 3-5 years of age.  Children receive instruction that prepares them to be successful throughout their school career.  Parents learn involvement and advocacy skills that can be utilized to improve educational outcomes for all children in the home.  CBB families make connections with fellow community residents and learn about community resources which increases their overall well-being.


Jaydon’s family joined CBB in January of 2014.  George, his father, walked through the door with a chip on his shoulder mentality, wore his pants sagged, and asked other parents to call him Chaos. Despite his hardcore exterior, he was a protective and demanding father to a child that was not biologically his.  Jaydon was shy, nervous, and rarely participated because his father was harsh and overly demanding. CBB taught George that he could get more from Jaydon with encouragement and praise.  As Jaydon’s confidence grew, so did George’s.  After 6 months of participation in CBB, Chaos became George, dressed in polo shirts and belted pants; he is now a leader among parents and a mentor to other fathers in the community.   Today, George is employed full time and is the proud father of a new daughter.  Jaydon started Kindergarten in August of 2016 as a pre-reader that loves math and working with others.

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