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Robla School District 

Location: Bell Avenue Elementary

Address: 1400 Main Ave, Sacramento, CA 95838

Dates of Operation:  June 25- August 3, 2018

Hours of Operation: 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Robla School District Children's Defense Fund Freedom Schools ®



Afternoon activities allow scholars a time to participate in educationally and culturally enriching activities. RFDC uses service providers and the talents and interests of SLIs to develop engaging age-appropriate activities that appeal to the interests of our scholars.  Activities may include art, STEM, sports, music, dance, poetry, drama, culture, history, games, social emotional learning groups, etc.



Freedom Schools social action projects are designed to show children, parents, staff, and community partners how they can make a difference.  Projects vary depending on the age of scholars and relevant issues, but may include fighting child poverty, making food to feed the homeless, neighborhood cleanup, letters to government officials, donating blankets and handmade toys to the animal shelter, writing nursing home pen pals, etc.  Scholars participate in afternoon social action activities 1-2 days weekly.  Social Action activities are also included in daily Integrated Reading Curriculum.  Freedom Schools scholars, parents, and staff are encouraged and empowered to continue their service and engagement beyond Freedom Schools.



The primary purpose of Freedom Schools field trips is exposure to new places, ideas, and experiences.  Field trips include parks, museums, colleges, and more.  Field trips are held at local (in Sacramento county) and distance (up to 2 hours away) locations.  All field trips include interactive activities for the students to participate in to learn new skills, gain knowledge, and/or be exposed to new experiences.




Freedom Schools believes that parents are important partners in their children’s education.  In Freedom Schools parents are invited to serve as read aloud guests, to assist in the classroom, to help with afternoon activities, to be on the playground with their scholars, to participate in mealtimes, to chaperone field trips, and to support their children’s social action projects. Parents are also strongly encouraged to participate in weekly educational workshops that empower parents and build family success.  Workshops topics include child development, finances, parenting, community issues, etc.  To decrease barriers to participation, RFDC provides childcare during the workshop and a family style meal following the workshops.

Daily Schedule

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