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Teen Scene


Teen Scene 

  On Friday and Saturday evenings from 7pm-11pm, a time when youth are at an increased risk of becoming involved in negative and dangerous behaviors, Teen Scene provides a safe and positive environment for them to learn, grow, and socialize.  Each week, Teen Scene serves 30-50 youth age 13-18 residing in the North Sacramento and Del Paso Heights communities with the following goals: promoting healthy lifestyles for youth, decreasing negative activities in the neighborhood, encouraging youth’s involvement in the community, and increasing youth’s successful life outcomes.



Address: 770 Darina Ave. Sacramento, CA.  95815

Phone(916) 646-6631

HoursMonday - Friday 2PM–6PM

Teen Scene takes a hands-on experience based approach to learning, using a youth driven curriculum model to increase investment in the program.  Teen Scene improves youth's physical, mental, and behavioral health through a variety of engaging activities including peer to peer presentations, inspirational and educational guest speakers, recreational and educational field trips, life-skills workshops, youth conferences, social emotional support groups, current events discussions, and service learning projects.

Program Director

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