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Food for Thought Mentoring Program

Food for Thought Mentoring Program



Emile Miranda 

Phone number: +1 916-646-6631

Location: Twin Rivers and Robla Unified School District

Monday – Friday, 11am – 1pm

Purpose and Outcomes:

RFDC mentors are matched with selected mentees to provide consistent individualized attention, which improves the student’s educational experience and provides a positive role model for school and life success.  Meet-ups with mentees may occur over lunch or before/after school on a school campus. Mentors are required to commit a minimum of one school year of service to their mentee and to facilitate at least two meetups each month. This commitment provides the needed time to build a consistent relationship and necessary bonding with a mentee that is focused on:

  • building a caring and authentic relationship in a safe space

  • improving school attendance

  • augmenting the mentee’s support system and sense of security 

  • improving confidence and expectations for success in school and life


Mentor Requirements:

  1. Mentors must commit to at least one school year with mentees.

  2. Mentors must facilitate at least two meetups each month.

  3. Mentors must model a positive and caring attitude that supports mentee’s academic and life success.

  4. Mentors must be mature and stable individuals who are committed to making a consistent effort to help their mentee succeed.

  5. Mentors must be able to pass a background check.


Mentee Requirements:

  1. Mentees must attend scheduled meetings.

  2. Mentees must work to have a positive attitude and participate fully in mentoring sessions.

  3. Mentees must have signed permission from parent or guardian.

  4. Mentees must be in elementary, middle, or high school.

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